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Avoid An Air Duct Cleaning Scam

With Spring cleaning coming up and the air conditioning season about to start, many residents in the great state of Texas  are considering having their air ducts cleaned.

While there are some reliable and qualified duct cleaning companies out there, there are also scammers who use low prices, “bait and switch” and other methods to scare homeowners into expensive and possibly unnecessary work.

“You know a deal to clean your air ducts for 50 or 60 dollars might not be what you expect. Typically air duct cleaning costs about 300 dollars and takes two to four hours to complete,” said Angie Hicks from Angie’s list.

Always look for a reliable air duct cleaning company on sources like Angie’s list, even google air duct cleaning and look at the company’s review.

It is always smart to avoid professional sales guys that dress like real air duct cleaning technicians and try to pressure you into an immediate

These scammers may even try to scare you into leaving your home because it is “not safe”.

Your air ducts need cleaning usually every year or two here are a few signs to look for when calling a professional air duct cleaning company.

  1. If you see mold growth in or around your vent covers or your duct system.
  2. When you need to clean dust of your furniture often then normal.
  3. If you smoke in your home.
  4. If you have pet in your home.
  5. If any of the family members suffers from allergies.