AC Duct Replacement By Extreme Air Duct

When it comes to the ventilation in your home, there are only so many times you can clean and repair your AC ducts before they simply need to be replaced. AC duct cleaning can help maintain, but when you opt for a full AC duct replacement, you can find comfort in knowing you should be good for the next ten years, have an efficient system that isn’t going to waste money, and you can rely on on cold, cool air during those hot summer months. 

In fact, some of the top signs and reasons it’s time to get an AC duct replacement include the following: 

Time: Your AC ducts should typically be replaced no less than every 10 to 15 years, and that’s with general wear and tear and not including any new damage or extensive use. 

Use: In this Texas heat, it’s no doubt we use our AC and HVAC systems more than most. We run them long, and we run them hard for a majority of the year to combat the heat. This extensive use means you should consider at least a check if not a full AC duct replacement every ten years rather than wait for the 15. Overuse can shorten the lifetime of your AC ducts and require repairs if not replacements more frequently. 

Quality: As a result of overuse or extended use, you might notice your AC system doesn’t pump out as much cold air or isn’t running as effectively. As the AC ducts become overused and weakened, the quality of the cold air diminishes. To get a good, strong flow of cool air, both ac duct cleaning and ac duct replacements are necessary. 

Noise: When your AC ducts are struggling to function or are working harder than normal to get the job done, you’re more likely to hear the sound of that extra effort. If you can hear the air ducts or AC ducts in your home or building more than normal, it’s time to call in the experts. 

Visible Damage: If you have visible damage to your air or AC ducts, it’s time to get them replaced. Avoid a cheap and quick patch-up job yourself, and call the professionals. Leaving a damaged system in place can not only lead to further damage and extensive repairs but can waste money and energy in your home. It can also be hazardous and lead to accidents. 

As a leading and reliable provider for duct replacements in Houston, we offer a full range of services to help keep your ducts in the best working condition for the longest amount of time. However, if and when the time comes for a full AC or air duct replacement, we’re the right people to call! With years of experience and a reliable track record serving Houston and the surrounding areas, we provide quick, efficient, affordable, and excellent quality AC duct replacements. 

Avoid waiting until a replacement is required, and consult with us today on the best way to keep your AC ducts in prime working condition.