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Did you know that Round Rock, TX consistently ranks in the top 25 of worst cities for mold and pollen? Many people in Round Rock refer to it as the Allergy Capital of the World. One way to avoid suffering is to have your air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning the mold and dust from your air ducts will prevent that contaminated air from coming into your home through the vents. In a typical six room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually through everyday living. Considering that 40,000 dust mites can thrive in just once ounce of dust, this could be a huge problem for your family. 

The dust, dust mites, mold, bacteria and dirt ends up air ducts and then circulates throughout your home. This dust can also shorten the life of your heating and cooling system. According to the US Department of energy 25%-40% of the energy used heating and cooling your home is wasted. The build-up of dust, pollen, and mold in your air duct system makes your system work harder. When your air ducts are clean, your system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your homes ideal temperature.

If the buildup was in on a table, in the blinds, on a ceiling you would clean it immediately. The fact that we can’t see this doesn’t mean it’s not there! The dust, danger, mold, dirt is hiding in your air ducts! Your ducts should be cleaned regularly in order to reduce the allergens in your home. If someone in your home is suffering from an unexplained allergy related illness, air duct cleaning can significantly reduce the suffering of your family member.

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When getting your air ducts cleaned you want a reliable company with a great reputation. We are the number one choice for air duct cleaning in the Round Rock, TX area. Our outstanding technicians will provide you with great service and ensure you a positive experience.

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a reputable company in Round Rock, TX. We have done this by hiring hand selected individuals who understand our commitment to excellence. They understand that we want our customers to always be satisfied, and so they abide by our customer satisfaction guarantee. They are trained to be extremely professional and thorough in the work that they do. They are licensed and insured. Our care in who we select to work for us at Extreme Air Duct Cleaning Round Rock, TX our careful attention to details and our competitive prices have helped us to grow tremendously over the years. If you would like more information about us, we encourage you to get in touch with us. You can call or fill out the form provided. 

We would be happy to provide you with any information that you need, whether you are interested in hiring us for carpet cleaning Round Rock, air duct cleaning Round Rock, dryer vent cleaning,  upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or even water damage restoration solutions in Round Rock, TX. We are the best company to do the job if it needs to be cleaned. Cleanliness is good for your health, comfort and even for efficiency. We understand this. Let us apply our knowledge and experience to improve your property by making it even cleaner.

Customer Testimonials

D Ward
D Ward186 reviews
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My dryer vents needed a deep cleaning, both the unit and my home. For an extremely reasonable price, two guys came out and made quick work of the cleaning. In and out in about an hour, right on time. Before, my dryer was so full, it would stop and a red Check Lint Screen light came on. A few loads after the cleaning, the green light turned on instead: Good Airflow. Amazing!
Taylor Richardson
Taylor Richardson4 reviews
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I called Extreme for help when I noticed that my heater was causing my allergies to flare up. Miguel came to my home the very next day and took the time to understand what the true problem was. He ran a disinfectant through the system, and holy cow it had made such an improvement. Cedar allergies are bad enough, so getting rid of the mold in our system was such a huge help. Thank you!!
Danny Barforough
Danny Barforough79 reviews
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I was not educated about quality air . it was very well explained and how it could effect my environment and my home sorounding. Given the right information I made my own choice available . Will definitely use their services again
Roz D.M.
Roz D.M.236 review