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Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know? Your HVAC system could be one of the biggest sources of money wasted in your home.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted. There are many factors that can increase your costs and although it may only seem like a few dollars here and there, those dollars add up over time.

Your HVAC system’s job is to distribute the heating and cooling in your home through the air ducts and any issues or loss of efficiency can end up costing you. Poor insulation, leaks, disconnected segments, and excessive debris or blockages can cause problems with airflow which leads to increased energy use meaning your HVAC system needs to work harder, and this translates to higher energy bills. So how can duct cleaning help? Here are 3 ways professional air duct cleaning can help save you money.

Improves Airflow & Circulation – All of the dust and debris floating around your home gathers inside the air ducts each time the system turns on. As the debris accumulates, it restricts airflow which results in poor circulation. This makes it harder for the system to do its job and prevents it from working efficiently. Air duct cleaning removes debris from the air ducts and allows for better circulation, meaning more efficient heating and cooling.

Identifies Leaky Ductwork – When your ducts are not sealed properly, energy from your HVAC system is constantly escaping, and that shows up on your monthly energy bills. Professional Duct cleaning includes repairs and sealing to ensure you won’t lose energy to a wasteful ductwork system.

Less Wear & Tear on Your System – The extra stress of built-up debris in your system causes it to work harder which increases the chances of a breakdown. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly will save you money in the long run by reducing wear and tear that could lead to costly repairs or breakdowns.

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