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Reasons Why Every Household Should Have a Clean Dryer Vent

Why Should I Clean My Dryer Duct?

When it comes to maintaining your dryer, it is very easy to remember to clear the lint trap. Most people do this as a basic procedure to keep the machine working. However, what people forget is taking care of the duct. The dryer vent is the tube that connects with the outside of your home and serves as an exit for the hot air. This ventilation system is crucial; you must ensure it is always clean and free from lint or other items. Failure to do this might cause significant damage to your unit, as we will see in this article.


It is crucial to remember that the air running in the dryer is very hot, and lint is a flammable substance. Therefore, when the two get blocked in the same pathway, you increase the chances of overheating and, in turn, unit damage. In the worst-case scenario, the lint might catch fire, which can have dangerous results if not arrested in time. According to our team’s research, thousands of household fires have some relation to dryer issues and mostly the vent.

Energy Usage

A clogged duct usually causes your dryer to work harder than usual to dry the same load of clothes. When lint collected from your clothes blocks the path, it becomes harder for the hot air to leave the system during tumbling. Therefore, the unit will begin using more energy to dry the clothes, leading to increased energy bills. You might also notice that the clothes don’t dry within the same amount of time as before.


A clogged dryer duct does not allow proper moisture release from the clothes, thus leading to an accumulation. In the long run, you will begin noticing mold and rust in the unit, which will stain the clothes and damage the dryer parts. Additionally, since the system will be straining to function normally, the situation significantly reduces the unit’s lifespan, leading to frequent repairs and replacement.

You can avoid such unit trouble by working with our Extreme Air Duct Cleaning and Restoration Services team. We service your dryer and ensure it is in perfect working condition for its entire lifespan. With our team on the job, you can enjoy energy efficiency and guarantee your family’s safety from related accidents. The overall result will be significant savings since you will reduce the repair expenses and energy bills. As long as your dryer duct is clean, your clothes will remain fresh and free from mold stains.