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Is Pet Dander Lurking in Your Air Ducts?

Are Your Air Ducts Pet Dander Free?

Here at Extreme Air Duct Cleaning & Restoration, we love our pets. A furry companion can brighten up your day and provide comfort and companionship. But living with a pet can also mean an increase in indoor allergens, particularly pet dander.

Pet owners know that many breeds of dogs and cats can shed a whole lot of fur, and with that fur comes tiny flakes of skin called pet dander. Pet dander tends to hide in carpets, furniture, among knickknacks, and in your homes air ducts. Pet dander can be managed through regular vacuuming and dusting, but to ensure your home is as dander free as possible, you need the help of an experienced air duct cleaning company.

Pet Dander Can Easily Become Trapped In Your Home’s Air Ducts

Pet dander can float effortlessly through your home’s HVAC system and settle in your air ducts. Once your heating or cooling system kicks back on, it can send the dander blowing back through your home, triggering allergies and inducing symptoms in those with sensitivities. Unfortunately, homeowners can’t remove pet dander from their air ducts using household cleaning equipment and products. The good news though is that the friendly technicians at Extreme Air Duct Cleaning & Restoration Services are here to help remove pet dander from your air ducts to ensure your home’s air is fresh, clean, and free of allergens.

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