Dangers of Clogged Dryer Vents

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Dryer Vent Safety and Cleaning in Houston, TX

Most homeowners take careful steps to prevent fires in their homes by regularly testing smoke alarms, maintaining electric cords, and taking safety precautions when burning candles or cooking with gas stove tops. But how many homeowners think of their dryer vents? Dryer vents are a major cause of house fires in the United States, but they are often overlooked. Lint is highly flammable, and it tends to build up in dryer vents over time, creating a hazard that tends to be out of sight and therefore out of mind. All the built-up lint needs is a spark of static electricity to start a dangerous fire. A clogged dryer vent can also prevent the exhaust of harmful carbon monoxide, which can lead to a dangerous buildup of this deadly gas in your home. Below are three key rules to follow concerning your dryer vent that can help prevent dangerous lint build up which can lead to fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

  1. Never use your dryer without the lint trap. The lint trap is designed to catch a significant amount of lint from your clothing. Operating a dryer without the lint trap allows much more lint to build up in the vent.
  2. Don’t cover the wall damper with anything more than a rain cover. While it can be tempting to neaten the area around your clothes dryer vent by installing a screen to catch the lint that would otherwise blow out, this can lead to the dangerous build-up of even more lint in your vents and can prevent dangerous gases from exhausting.
  3. Have your dryer vent professionally cleaned at least once a year. There are many DIY tips online on how to clean your dryer vent, but contacting a professional is the only way to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly and properly. Doing the job yourself can seem like an appealing way to save some money, however, it’s very easy to damage your dryer during the lint removal process, which will cost you far more in the long run. It’s also difficult to do a thorough job without the proper equipment.

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