Having a Sick Household? It Could be The Ductwork.

Mold Growth in Air Ducts

High moisture in ducts can cake dirt and provide an environment for mold to grow. The presence of moisture in air conditioning ducts is common since the air leaving the air conditioner evaporator is saturated. In many climates air conditioning is used most of the year providing little time for ducts to dry out. This situation leads to serious indoor air contamination problems.

What is the best source of information for consumers about air duct cleaning?

Through neglect, or sometimes normal use over long periods of time, air ducts in homes accumulate dirt and molds and bacteria begin to grow. Often the situation is identified when family members begin to experience allergic symptoms. The house has become sick. Can the ducts in a sick-house be restored to a safe level? YES!


For truly contaminated duct systems,  Extreme Air Duct Cleaning Professionals can cut into the duct work to insert the vacuum line to remove localized dirt build-up. Our commercial air duct cleaners are equipped with tiny fiber-optic cameras to assist in locating dirt build-up and to confirm cleaning effectiveness.

Fiberglass lined ductwork that is merely dirty can be cleaned if care is taken not to damage the fiberglass. However, if such ductwork has become wet it cannot be cleaned. The mold penetrates into the fiberglass and will begin to grow again as soon as surface growth is removed. The use of biocides is not recommended in ductwork because of the danger to the building occupants of exposure to the biocide.